The TechnoGuss GmbH was established in August 01, 2015, after  a change of ownership, from the TechnoGuss Tangerhütte GmbH.  TechnoGuss Tangerhütte GmbH has been established in 2002 as  the successor of “Eisengiesserei Tangerhütte” with a long tradition.   Today the company can look back on over 150 years of historical  development. In 1842 the engineer Johann Jacob Wagenführ  founded the “Eisenhütten- und Emaillierwerk Tangerhütte”. This  company experienced a rapid development and helped the hitherto unknown region Altmark to profit from a strong economic recovery  within a short time.  Thanks to continuous technical development and orientation on  outstanding technologies in founding, the company even today is  one of the most efficient foundries in Germany equipped with the  latest machinery that ranks among the most significant employers  in the region. In compliance with customer requirements we are able to produce  machine-moulded or manually moulded castings with a weight  between 50 and 12000 kg. The customer-oriented work covers almost all fields of industry.  Companies for valve engineering, drive engineering, gear  manufacture and general mechanical engineering are among our  clientele.
A modern company with a long tradition
cast iron pavilion of 1889
general view, aerial view
company view
Casting technology meeting the highest standards
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